Geochemical Company data


Exploration companies are obliged to report their activities to the Ministry of Minerals and Resources (MMR). Now reports are delivered in digital format, but were previously delivered in paper, to the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). They are scanned and released reports are available under Reports.

Digital restoration

The data that the reports hold is thus available, but stored as images in scanned pdf?s. The geochemical data of 4 reports (Allen & Harris, 1980; Coppard et al., 1992; Harris et al., 1992 and Pearson & Joudrie, 1995) have been digitized. I.e. the reports have be optically characterised and the sample locations georeferenced. The matching of the sample locations and geochemically referenced samples does not always match. Meaning that a sample that has coordinate may not have geochemical results, and a sample with geochemical measurements might not have coordinate.

The reporting of the analytical facilities and precision is sparse. Detection limits, analytical uncertainty and reliability are generally not reported. Analytical methods and analysed grain fractions of sediment samples also not reported.

When all these issues have been listed, it should be noted that errors may occur. From the digital restoration of scanned paper to optically characterisation of the scanned text and numbers errors may be introduced. The user is cautioned to these issues.

Upload to data base

To make the data available on the web, upload to GEUS sample data base is required. To fit into the sample data base, some adjustments had to be made. Sample names modified, collector created etc., resulting in modified sample names, relative to the ones used in the reports. The reports from which the samples occur in are not mentioned in the data base. Hence the four reports and links to them are listed below:

References and links to the reports:

Allen, C.R. & Harris, C.J. 1980: Year end report, 1979. Karrat Group reconnaissance programme, Marmorilik area, West Greenland. (Period: May 1979 - May 1980). Internal report, Cominco Ltd. & Greenex A/S, 34 pp., [analytical results], 11 plates, 14 photos. GEUS Report File 20435.

Coppard, J., Swatton, S. & Harris, C.J. 1992: Karrat exclusive exploration licence 1992 year end report. Internal report, RTZ Mining and Exploration Ltd., 19 pp., 8 app., 3 plates. GEUS Report File 21297.

Harris, C.J., Swatton, S. & Coppard, J. 1992: Karrat concession year end report. Internal report, RTZ Mining and Exploration Limited, 19 pp., 7 app. GEUS Report File 21085.

Pearson, J.G. & Joudrie, M.C. 1995: Karrat Ni Greenland project geology and prospecting assessment report. Latitude: 7030' - 7154'N Longitude: 513 0' - 5140'W. Internal report, Cominco Ltd., 17 pp., 8 app., 1 plate. GEUS Report File 21401.