SEISMIC DATA from Denmark

Generally GEUS sells data from the original processing. However, if we have received reprocessings, these will be available as well

The Subsurface Archive sells different kinds of seismic data, which is described on this page. Please note: all prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

Tapes for storage of seismic data
Tapes for storage of seismic data

How to find information about the available data?
GEUS? online interactive map of available geological and geophysical data. The map allows you to search and view information about:

Please note that locations from both released as well as confidential well data and seismic data are included in the map.
Visit the interactive map at:

Processed 2D data
GEUS sells data either as single lines or as complete surveys. For 2D data the price is calculated from the number of kilometers of data collected. The acquisition and processing reports, navigation data and velocity data are included. Data from 2D seismic surveys may be available either as displays in scanned format, or as hard copies or in digital format. The above mentioned data are included in the price in so far as GEUS has received these.

Processed 3D data
3D data is sold either as complete surveys or as a part of a survey. Costs are calculated according to the number of square kilometers. The acquisition and processing reports, navigation data and velocity data are included, in so far as GEUS has received the data. Data from 3D seismic surveys are only available in digital format.

Complete surveys delivered as SEG-Y copies are priced as follows:

New! Get 3D data with discount (original processings) - Use Frisbee e-shop.

The prices mentioned below are only valid if data is purchased using GEUS Frisbee system.

When you purchase data using the Frisbee system a discount is included in the prices. If you prefer to order the data directly through the Geological Data Centre an additional 13% will be added to the prices below.

Complete surveys delivered as SEG-Y copies are priced as follows:

At the moment Frisbee only contains original 3D processings and only the most final data types e.g. final migration or final stack. Other data types from the original processing e.g. raw stack and raw migration are included in the price if listed below however you have to contact GEUS to receive a copy.

Part of 3D survey
If only a part of the data from the 3D survey is purchased GEUS will also charge for the handling costs to have the data cut to fit the area of interest.

CSEM (Controlled Source Electro Magnetic) surveys
Only a few CSEM surveys have been made in the Danish sector. When released GEUS sells the processed data in the received format for the price DKK 165.00 pr. kilometer. The price is being calculated on the basis of the number of acquired receiver kilometers.

Seismic data - archive
Seismic data - archive

Field data
Field data may be purchased from GEUS provided that it has been submitted. GEUS has only asked for field data on a routine basis, during the last 15 years. Therefore it is far from all surveys that we have or can obtain field data from.
In order to obtain access to field data you need to buy / have bought the processed data from GEUS.

The price for field data covers all costs of copying, including shipping costs. If received, observers logs are delivered along with the field data as scanned document.

Reprocessing made for resale
If the field data are purchased with the purpose of making a reprocessing for resale, a written agreement must be made with GEUS.

GEUS continuously work to preserve data. This often includes transcribing data from older obsolete media, to newer media with higher capacities. This may cause the price of field data from a survey to decrease over time, due to better and more efficient storage.

Terms of delivery
All data sold are GEUS propriety data. Purchased copies of data or any part of them may not be given, lent, leased, resold or in any other way distributed to any third party.

All prices are calculated for one company, VAT not included.

For further information please see GEUS_Terms_of_Delivery_Version_2008_2014.pdf

Group discounts
If the data are to be included in the common database for e.g. a license group each company in the group has to purchase a copy of the data. GEUS offers group discounts as listed below:

For further information please contact:

Geological Data Centre