Intrusions and magmatic complexes are central, when it comes to an assessment of the economic geological potential of a region. There are many of these in Greenland, and only a few of them have been examined in detail for their economic potential. In Nielsen (2002), tertiary intrusions and complexes in East Greenland were described, and later on information on intrusions and magmatic complexes in all of Greenland, were modelled based on the same methodology. The information has been compiled by GEUS geologist and will be augmented through more information forthcoming through GEUS and company activities. Only data released to the public will be available to external users over the internet.


Nielsen, T. F. D. 2002: Palaeogene intrusions and magmatic complexes in East Greenland. Danmark og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2002/13, 249 pp