The Danish Geodata Agency's 1:150 000 vertical photos from Greenland

Uniform aerial photographic coverage of Greenland was achieved in 1978-1987 at 1: 150 000 scale by Mark Hurd Aerial Surveys, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., for the Danish Geodetic Institute [Weidick, 1995]. The photography is now administered by the Danish Geodata Agency, see also The camera used for these black and white photographs was a Wild RC 10 with a super wide angle lens (focal length = 88 cm). The airplane used by Mark Hurd was a Gates Lear Jet 25C. By setting the flying height to app. 14 km the image scale of 1:150 000 was achieved [Bengtsson & Jørgensen, 1980]. In an attempt to avoid blind areas, caused by the precipitous mountainsides in combination with the use of a super wide angle lens, the photographs were taken with a length-lap of 80%, and a side-lap of 40%. In the subsequent use of the photography (for aerotriangulation, mapping and scanning) generally only every other image were used (as you will see from the photo number shown on this web-page). The photo center coordinates are from the aerotriangulation by the Danish Geodata Agency.

These photos are the property of the Danish Geodata Agency. We (GEUS) have kindly been allowed to publish these on the web in a low resolution version.

Please contact GST for the high resolution photos.