Geological map of South, South-West and southern West Greenland 1 : 100 000

BeskrivelseThe seamless geological map is the result of the digitisation and homogenisation of 16 geological maps in scale 1:100 000, supplemented with scale 1:500 000 maps within the red frames. The map is optimised for display at scale 1:100 000, where 1 cm in the map corresponds to 1 km in reality (i.e. when the scalebar at the bottom right corner is 2 cm long and shows 2 km).
Målestok 1 : 100000
Ansvarlig institutionGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
TilgængelighedThe map can be used freely when acknowledged.
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Geological Legend
KontaktpersonInquiry regarding acquisition,
Thomas Find Kokfelt,
Eva Willerslev,