Northeast Greenland Aster Data

BeskrivelseA series of Aster band ratios highlighting mineral distributions. Band ratio color composite images to distinguish variability of lithology in the area. Preprocessing of the Aster scenes encompasses atmospheric, radiometric and topographic corrections before masking non-outcrop pixels and generating the final mosaic. The calibrated radiance data is converted to apparent surface reflectance using a radiative transfer program, Atmospheric and Topographic Correction (ATCOR-3), in rugged terrain mode. The ATCOR rugged terrain mode utilizes a surface elevation model to adjust illumination levels. Calibration and adjusting the apparent surface reflectance values from the ATCOR-3 processing was not feasible due to lack of ground-based reflectance measurements.
Målestok 1 : 50000
Ansvarlig institutionGEUS
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KontaktpersonSímun Dalsenni Olsen,
Sara Salehi,
Christian Brogaard Pedersen,